Foiled Art

Since 2014. Foiled is about the breaking out of the daily grind of two very ordinary people yearning to save up enough funds to open a Design Studio. We've been on an epic journey ever since and we try to stay true to our core belief. We are extremely passionate about what we design and always strive to integrate new concepts into our art. We owe big thanks to the communities for supporting us on this awesome journey of ours.



Thomas A.

Lead Artist

A human being whom gave up League of Legend so his productivity has drastically increased to 9000. With so much spare time in hand, what else could he do other then create. He always had a curiosity about art and developed a set of skills that now pushes "Foiled" towards the dream.


Creative Director

A Lady of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by her mystery. She constantly wears the entrepreneur hat and strives to take over the world ( According to her email account name 10 years ago). A name that goes along the line of "Empress".


Senior Artist

His motivation and passion for art can move mountains which tremors across the Atlantic Ocean. At the end of the day he always reminds the crew, "One eye sees, the other feels".


Junior Artist

The newest member of our team, an extremely talented artist who turns her wildest dreams into paintings with stunning colors.