One of very first products before the birth of foiled art. I was always inspired by simplicity and how artists could create such simple yet intricate designs. My first convention approaching, nothing but a pen and paper, I decided draw until I had an epiphany. Suddenly, a crowd of animals ran out the paper and created this book. To not waste these animals effort, we drilled and hand bound these beautifully crafted books to share with everyone. Whether it be a book to educate your children or at a coffee table, they will always be looking for good homes.


ABC by fugu

Enjoy all kinds of animals hidden inside this book. Whether they are from the air, land and sky; we have them all. 


Learn another language

Teach your preschool child the ABC's with clearly worded labels to illustrate each letters of the alphabet. Also includes Japanese katakana to assist beginners of language enthusiasts.

Have fun and immerse yourself in simplicity

Fun illustrations to enchant the eye of the beholder. Both adults and children alike will love these wonderfully detailed images of silly looking animals.