Grand Opening

Be Free. When we started this journey, we lacked direction and focus. I knew I was experimenting with shapes and had no expectations for our results. Like all our previous projects, we had never completed - DinoDino, Grimbeeper, and cartoons - we were driven to create art that drew on an emotional force and we would be proud to call our achievement. 

I had not attended a Comic Convention before. My friends had in high school and I was envious that they got a chance to be amongst like-minded fans. I had never lost sight of getting a table at FanExpo and finally a stroke of good fortune came to me at the Yorkdale Food Court when a friend asked me to take his.

We always wanted to create art that was bigger than our day to day grind. Thank you fans and convention goers for talking to us and shaping the vision of the team. To motivate and inspire our artistic creation to more than anything I could have dreamed of. Thank you. 

This is our official soft launch. We took awhile to get here and we are hoping to create more. Finding a passion and an identity that has been lost to me has been difficult, and we could not appreciate your encouragement now more than ever.

As always, email us if you need anything you don't see and share your thoughts with us!


Thomas AuComment